Working with nature

Permaculture is a design method that learns you to collaborate with nature. We cannot change the rules of nature and when we start to understand these rules, we can make a significant and creative contribution to the processes of nature. It is a fascinating approach which can work in our advantage and I can teach you more about this as a permaculture designer.

What is permaculture?

For who?

Do you want to learn how to work with the principles of permaculture? Do you want an ecologically or edible forest garden? Do sustainable energy systems grab your attention? And do you want to know how you can realise your wishes in permaculture? I am here to help you! I create a personal and strategic permaculture design for you, based on your garden or estate. My target audience is people who do have the budget to transform their property, but are short of time to independently explore the culture. With my advice, design and help, you can transform your garden or estate yourself.


The designer

I was born on a farm with passion for nature, nutrition and health and I see nature as an inspiring and organised unity. I am a permaculture designer, graphical designer and artist and I can bring these professions together in permaculture.

About Bor

Recently done

Brakel permacultuur ontwerp

Brakel Betuwe

A garden of 700 m2 in Brakel, Betuwe. A beautiful fenced plot with a monumental house against a piece of forest. The question was to design a natural and maintenance-friendly edible garden with space for annual plants.

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Wognum permacultuur ontwerp

Wognum Noord Holland

A special garden with many mature trees and a beautiful ornamental garden and a former ornamental duck residence on a sheltered plot of 4500 m2.

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Joppe permacultuur ontwerp

Joppe Achterhoek

A food forest with a large pond and flower meadow. On a plot of 1.3 hectare in the outer area of Joppe. With swales, a horseshoe elevation, farming with grazing for goats, sheep and chickens. A vegetable, herb and flower garden. And a composting system.

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Bathmen permacultuur ontwerp

Bathmen Overijssel

An edible park of 5000 m2 in Bathmen, Overijssel. On a beautiful plot in the countryside with a farmhouse and grassland.

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