Goor Overijssel

Bor Borren

In Goor, Overijssel (the Netherlands), there is an interesting permaculture project happening as elderly care by Doenersdreef Zorg from Almere will be present. The estate is 8.500 m2 and is adjacent to the village. It has an old school building that will be completely renovated and elaborated to create a community with 7 residences for elderly. There will also be three art studios, a spa and a community centre with a pavilion. The main building will have a shared room and a place for guests. The estate will be constructed in a natural way and the edible forest garden and vegetable garden will have an important function.

What the design includes

  • An edible forest garden
  • A pond with a teahouse
  • A vegetable garden
  • An herb garden
  • Chicken and pigs
  • Slopes in the shape of a horseshoe to create a micro climate
  • A greenhouse
  • Edible hedges
  • A compost system

Also, an elaborated budget plan was made for this project.

The design was made in: December 2018 and in May 2019 I created a second, updated version.


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