Heijen Limburg

Bor Borren

For a garden of 1.000 m2 adjacent to a forest in Heijen, Limburg (the Netherlands), I created a permaculture design. The clients asked for a spatial, natural, liveable and edible garden.

What the design includes

  • A swimming pond
  • Chicken
  • A vegetable garden
  • A pergola
  • An herb garden
  • A compost system
  • New pavement
  • A layout of the outbuildings

The clients about the design

We didn’t make it really easy for Bor. While working with his original design, we discovered that a few things were not quite as how we liked it to be. Bor fixed this problem in a nice way and all our wishes were included in the second design. Now it really feels like our garden! Really great! Thank you Bor.

Design was made in: May 2019


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