Oosterwold Almere

Bor Borren

A small and special project, named EcoParkHof Oosterwold in Almere (the Netherlands), builds houses in an ecologic way. New residents asked me to make a permaculture design for their estate of 1.200 m2. The houses have much ground and the reason for this, is to stimulate harvesting in the city. With this intention, Permaculture is the perfect choice!

The estate is rectangular and located on the southwest side. It has new soil that is mixed with compost and in the back there is a small stream.

What the design includes

  • A vegetable garden
  • Chicken
  • A duck that walks around (in cooperation with the neighbours)
  • A pit with slopes for strawberries and a lounge
  • Grassland
  • A greenhouse
  • Paths
  • Hedges
  • Willow trees and grapevines on the side of the stream
  • A compost system
  • An orchard

The pit and slopes were already made before the winter of 2016 and the first trees and bushes were also planted for the orchard at that time. In the spring of 2017, the estate was seeded with green manures so feed the soil. Also, the willow trees were planted.

The clients about my permaculture design

When we bought our estate, we already knew that we wanted to work with the principles of permaculture. After reading many websites and books about this subject, we still didn’t really know where to start. So, we contacted Bor to help us and to make a permaculture design for us.

Bor visited us and he examined the estate and we talked about our wishes. We received a design that looks great and we are very happy with it. Something we enjoyed too, was that Bor explains much during his visit and also in his report. He shows all of the steps and makes sure you know all of the important parts. This is nice as this kind of advice is still useful to this day. So, do you want a garden that is based on permaculture, but you need some extra help? Bor is definitely the right person for this.

Photos taken augustus 2019

Design was made in:  oktober 2016

Permacultuur Design Oosterwold Almere

Photos taken during the intake


Do you also want a permaculture design? You can always contact me.

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