Wognum Noord Holland

Bor Borren

A special garden of 4500m2 is located in Wognum, North-Holland (the Netherlands). It has many perennial trees, an ornamental garden and a former duck shelter. The clients’ question was if the garden could be redesigned into a permaculture garden. There was one condition, namely to keep as many already existent plants as possible. There were also a few challenges: improving the soil, recovering the pond and bringing all the parts of the garden together.

What the design includes

  • An edible forest garden
  • The recovery of the pond
  • A vegetable garden and an herb garden
  • A forest for chicken
  • Growing vegetation in rows
  • A playground for the children
  • A greenhouse in the shape of a dome
  • A pergola
  • A compost system
  • The detachment of the drainpipes and a system to collect rainwater

Design was made in: August 2019


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