permaculture design zeist

Zeist Utrecht

Bor Borren

In a wooded area in Zeist, Utrecht (the Netherlands), an estate with forest garden of 2.000 m2 is located. I received the question if I could design a natural, recreational and maintenance-friendly garden. You cannot always use geometrical shapes in a garden, but in this situation it was a fun challenge to include the shape of a mandala.

What the design includes

  • A mandala garden with fruit trees and perennial herbs, flowers and vegetables
  • Chicken
  • A pergola
  • A greenhouse in the shape of a dome
  • A pond with a rock garden and waterfall
  • A mulch pit
  • New pavement
  • A flower meadow
  • A platform of bamboo circles in the front garden
Design was made in: June 2019


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