Do you want to learn how to gain a different perspective when looking at your garden or estate? And how you can transform it with minimal input in an energy-efficient way? If the answer is yes, permaculture can help you.

Step 1: intake

We will start with an intake, which means I will visit you and examine your estate or garden. I can give you direct solutions, suggestions and advice on how to achieve your goals and my advice will be adjusted to your personal wishes. The intake will take approximately two hours and at the end, you can decide if you are on board or not. If you do not decide to continue, you will only pay for the intake.

Step 2: Design and presentation

After the intake, I make an elaborated, detailed and digital design for you. Then, I present it to you on your location for an extended explanation. The presentation also includes multiple components which are available on paper and digitally:

  • The design in an A3-size print;
  • An elaborated report of approximately 30 pages which includes the total plan described with pictures, drawings, advices, tips and useful websites;
  • A list of around 250 types of trees, bushes and plants (26 pages);
  • A manual for the construction of an edible forest garden (22 pages);
  • A manual for compost techniques (25 pages).


Is it your plan to carry out the project by yourself? If so, I will be available by e-mail or phone to support you when needed.


When keeping the vision of working with nature in mind, I think that my clients should experience as much as possible when realising their plans. The report and manuals are your guide for carrying out the project. Of course, the choice is up to you and therefore, if you prefer more support, I will help you to contact other permaculture specialists and permaculture-minded gardeners.

Other services

  • I some occasions, an intake is enough. This is often the case with already existent permaculture projects and in this situation, I can make a planting plan and/or an advice report.
  • With small gardens, an intake of three hours can be enough. In this time, we will make a plan together for your situation.
  • I can give guidance and advice to already existent projects.
  • I am able to make a budget for your project.
  • I can give you advice when buying an estate or a building plot.
  • My design and its report can be useful when discussing your plans with the local authorities with regard to certain licenses or a subsidy.

Quotation and costs

Do you want a quotation or do you have a question? You can fill in my contact form or you can call me on this number: 06 270 92 650. You will receive a response within 24 hours and I am happy to make a non-binding quotation. The costs for a design are dependent on the surface and location of your garden or estate. In addition, I am active in the Netherlands, but I am also available internationally.