The farm of the future?

Bor Borren permaculture

Will farmers transition to permaculture? Does permaculture fit in the current agriculture? And what are the possible perspectives? To this day, there are not enough examples of farmers who changed their system to permaculture, except in Australia and the USA. The only other current movement, is that farmers transition to biological agriculture. In my vision, this is just changing the old system a little, but not completely. In other words, it is no real solution. It is the question whether a possible change will come from the present agriculture, or from new farmers who are not from the agriculture world. Also, citizens can pick up permaculture in their backyards, city gardens, allotment gardens and community gardens. Permaculture is a different way of thinking, you need to forget everything you learned about harvesting and growing plants to create a new vision. This process is shown in this beautiful documentary by BBC:

The farm for the future

Rebecca Hosking, a farmer’s daughter who became a documentary maker, focusses on the use of energy by the agriculture. This is a subject that is already critically discussed and this discussion will probably become stronger in the future. However, we don’t have to panic as Rebecca gives us examples on multiple perspectives she examined in England. For example, she shows an environmentally friendly agri- and horticulture that could possibly change our lives. She also chooses to return to the farm she grew up on and decides to take it over from her father. But, a question arises: HOW is she going to farm? Many well known scientists and academics talk about their thoughts on farming in the documentary, for example Patrick Whitefield, Rob Hopkins, Rosie Boycott, Richard Heinberg and Tim Lang. This documentary is not only interesting for people who love permaculture, but it is interesting for everyone as the advantages of permaculture affect all of us.

A farm for the future / Een boerderij in de toekomst (english spoken- ned. ondertiteld) from Praktijk Ourobouros on Vimeo.


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